Funded Projects

Our students attended the International Critical Management Studies Conference in Milton Keynes, UK to participate in a paper development workshop for the Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal.

David Jacobs

Morgan State University

This program sponsored a group of 5 COBPA students at AAMU for an international summer study pilot program at Shanghai, China. It helped the students explore the rapid growth and social development of china’s economy through study, research, cultural, and business explorations. 

Del Smith & Xia Zhang

Alabama A&M University

This program helped provide the means for students and faculty to go on a study abroad to France. This experience helped them to build ties with the business community in France and gave the students an opportunity to travel abroad.

Yvette Njan Essounga

Tuskegee University

We encouraged student development for students participating in the GTMBA study tour in South Africa. These students collaborated with other students in Beijing, China and learned to help local companies solve business problems. Funding this program helped students to discover cultural diversity, navigate international business protocols, develop global mindset, sharpen leadership skills, and broaden self-awareness. 

Anita Schmied

Howard University

We used this program to further faculty development and scholarly research by researching the global entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate social responsibility initiatives in the Nordic region.

Andrea Foster

Montgomery College

One of our main goals is to give students more opportunities for experiential education. The grant helped us accomplish this goal by funding travel and connecting our students with the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. It allowed them to become more independent and gain a more globalized perspective and learn more about Chinese culture. 

Tih Koon Tan

University of the District of Columbia

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